The Sebring Race

  A Photographic History of Several Years

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About This Site   

   This site consists of a collection of photographs taken at the 12    hour race in  March during the years shown.

   There are not only  images of  the  cars,  but also of  the    spectators, drivers, & activity.  

   The photographs  are not in a special order and do not    necessarily correlate with the  beginning of each race!  

   In addition to the 12 hr race there are photographs from the   Formula v, Motorcycle, and Sedan Races. These races are

  located on the last one or two pages of each year it took place.

   Relative information will be added as it becomes available.

   Imagery Information

   All of the photographs are from the original negatives or slides.

  The imagery may have dust and such showing since the negatives   and slides were not cleaned prior to scanning. Some of the images   would require restoration.  

 Please enjoy the collection!


Contact Information    

                               William A. (Art) Jordan   


                               Phone:  973 579 6051

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